Prepare To Be Entertained

The African American Channel is one of the first networks on the Internet of its kind. As one of the first, if not the more premiere African American networks with video, we are looking to bring new images and ideas to the masses. The African American Channel is here to entertain, engage, educate and enlighten, its viewers of all ages with the African American experience. Our goal is for African Americans, black people globally and everyone to enjoy the entertainment, embrace the experience of our past, present and future. Allowing viewers of The African American Channel to be participatory in the stories that are told on a wide scale with a variety of choices available to them all in one place. The African American Channel is an online destination for African Americans that seek to watch videos, movies, TV series as well as see images of our past, present and future on the screen. 24/7, breakfast, break, lunch or dinner.

The African American Channel started with a simple idea of curating content for the viewer. The African American Channel is hand-crafted with hand-picked movies, docs, TV series, music concerts, comedy and much more that appeal to African Americans, and black people globally.

Anyone can watch videos on The African American Channel at AfricanAmericanChannel.com or AAC.tv on a desktop pc, tablet, cellphone or any other device that allows them to access the web. Even the news gets some play here. Not to mention historical figures, shorts, docs and movies from independents or film festivals. The African American Channel will work to produce original content as well.

The African American Channel is a provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available to viewers in the United States. Prepare to be entertained!

The African American Channel - We are Entertainment. We are History.

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